Independent game developer from Glasgow, Scotland.

  • Kanshi City - Dev Blog #1

    Welcome to the first development blog for Kanshi City. We got a lot done in the last week. The first thing I wanted was a very quick look into making glowing/emmissive materials in UE4 so I could replicate the ubiqitious neon sign look of cities like Tokyo and Hong Kong. It was surprisingly easy, I just had to simply multiply the material’s base texture by whatever colour I wanted it to glow and pass that value into the material’s emmissive colour. Once I got it working I stopped and moved onto other tasks, I just wanted to see how it could be done and will come back to improve on it and add more signs later. Here is a quick look at what I could achieve quickly:

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  • First blog post

    Hello and welcome. This is the first blog post for our new website, here is a quick rundown of who we are:

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